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Watch our experts discuss the LYCRA brand's latest denim innovation

Webinar: LYCRA® Anti-Slip fiber

Web-based video conferencing has increased demand for comfortable pants

Webinar: Designing comfortable bottoms

Experts share insights and solutions for common bra issues

Webinar: How do you get back into that bra?

See how your business can capitalize on size-inclusive legwear trends and technologies

Webinar: How to create hosiery curvy women will love

Explore the science behind COOLMAX® EcoMade technology

Webinar: Keeping your cool when things heat up

The LYCRA Company talks denim innovation, sustainability and more at KINGPINS24

Webinar: Discussing the key to business success at KINGPINS24

Download our sell sheets that explain the benefits of swimwear made with our fibers

Swimwear: Value sell sheets

Our one-page sell sheets are a valuable source of information designed to help drive sales

COOLMAX® brand: Value sell sheets

Download all available sell sheets for THERMOLITE® brand products below

THERMOLITE® brand: Value sell sheets